Oil Prices (today)
Urals $54,368 per bbl.
Brent $55,830 per bbl.
Oil Prices (yesterday)
Urals $57,033 per bbl.
Brent $58,465 per bbl.
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Every 30th ton of oil produced in Russia
Annual production of 13.9 ln. tons of crude oil
Annual gas production 2.120 billion cbm
Recoverable reserves of more than 600 ln. tons
24  producing assets
1 transportation company
Active in 11 regions of Russia, the CIS and West Africa countries
More than 17, 000 jobs


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ZAO IP Slavneftehim

General Director Ivan Bruev.

IP Slavneftekhim ZAO is a subsidiary enterprise of the Company and represents its interests in the Republic of Belarus as part of the Agreement between the State Group of Companies Belneftekhim and N RussNeft.
The basic activity of the enterprise is oil refining at Belorussian refineries, provision of Belorussian consumers with oil products, supply of hydrocarbon materials to the enterprises of petrochemical complex of the Republic and export of oil products to the countries of CIS, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.
For the time of development at the Belorussian market, the enterprise delivered and refined in the biggest petrochemical plants of the Republic more than 4.5 mln tons of raw materials. Domestic and export oil products sales to the Belorussian market are carried out in accordance with the record, which is monthly confirmed by the Group of Companies Belneftekhim and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. 


220030 Republic of Belarus,
Minsk, Engelsa str., 34 A
Tel.: 8-10- (37517) 210-48-80
Fax: 8-10- (37517) 210-56-47

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